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A salon chair sits in a bay window area surrounded by plants and sleek black salon furniture.




Sustain Salon opened of August of 2018. Since opening the doors, Sustain has worked hard to be as earth consious as possible. Partnering with local recycling & composting facility, Fertile Ground, and using other companies such as Green Circle Salons & Terracycle, Sustain has been able to responsibly manage the waste created from our every day hair services without all negative impacts on our planet. Thus being more 'Sustain'able.

Sustain Salon (located in Oklahoma City)  aims to provide high end hair services and  with an earth-conscious approach.


Mazey Heydman, owner of Sustain Salon, came up with the concept after working in the beauty industry for over twelve years, witnessing how much waste one salon creates daily. (Annually the beauty industry generates up to 120 billion units of plastics packaging per year contributing to the loss of 18 million acres of forest!)


With the help of Green Circle Salons & Terracycle, our company is able to recycle 95% of our waste that would not otherwise be recycled. This includes human hair, chemical waste, foil, gloves, waxing supplies and more.


The use of refillable containers along with bulk eco-friendly cleaning solutions found at Plenty Mercantile, contribute to Sustain Salon's mission. “Ecoheads” on our shampoo basins save 65% more water & electricity than traditional faucets. “CLEAN,” another green company, is used for towel washing services to save energy. And so much more.


The salon's paper materials are all previously recycled and recyclable. Their forest-free toilet paper is sourced from “Who Gives a Crap,” a company which builds toilets for people in need.

“Through the process of creating Sustain Salon, I've gained tons of knowledge, and I find myself thinking about the lifespan of an object before purchasing,” says Heydman. “In addition to providing earth-conscious beauty services, my staff and I strive to educate everyone we encounter. Sustain Salon is just one step towards changing the beauty industry for the better. It's my hope that other salons will adopt earth-conscious practices because the future depends on it.”

Badge for Oklahoma's Best of 2022 Winner in the Sustainable Services Category.
A sleek black shampoo basin with natural wood cabinets in the background. Amber glass shampoo bottles line the cabinets surrounded by plants.
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