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Are you looking for a new salon home?

Sustain Salon is Oklahoma City's first sustainable concept salon! 


Sustain Salon is conveniently nestled just outside of downtown OKC, mere minutes away from your favorite restaurants and attractions.


At Sustain Salon, we are committed to leading the way in eco-friendly and sustainable salon practices. Our dedication to the environment includes recycling, composting, energy-efficient lighting, and water-conserving shampoo basins and sinks.


We proudly feature back bar and styling products from OWAY, one of the world's most sustainable product lines, and we are honored to have been named one of OWAY's Top 50 Salons of 2022.


We prioritize the well-being of our team by minimizing exposure to harmful chemicals in our hair and cleaning products.


Our commitment to sustainability has been recognized with the Fertile Grounds Environmental Stewardship Award in 2018 and being voted Green Oklahoma's Best of 2022 in the service category. We've also been featured in numerous local magazines and newsletters.


At Sustain Salon, we offer robust branding and marketing support that attracts clients who share our eco-conscious values, ensuring a harmonious match between our stylists' values and our clients' expectations.


We cultivate a sense of community and collaboration among our stylists, creating an environment that encourages idea sharing and mutual learning.


To further support our stylists' growth, we provide access to training and resources with a premium lifetime membership in The Green Beauty


Community, allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals from around the world.


Our salon offers booth rental opportunities within a charming bungalow house. Each stylist enjoys their own dedicated station, chair, mirror, and color cabinet. We take care of your towels with our convenient towel service, handling pick-up, washing, and delivery. Additionally, our salon receives bi-weekly professional cleaning services to maintain a pristine environment.


As a special touch for our clients, we provide refreshments, making every visit to Sustain Salon a delightful and sustainable experience.

Natural wood cabinets lined with luxury organic products (OWAY) surrounded by a towel warmer, TerraCycle Razor Recycling box, plants and a wooden Buddha.
Boho sustainable drink station. Clear glass globe coffee mugs, with gold shovel stir spoons, Green Keurig with stainless steel reusable, refillable pods. Plants
Outside of the front of Sustain Salon. Sunset sky. Blue, Orange & Red
Oway luxury organic, natural, vegan hair products. Recycled honey bear turned into a plant vase with a Pathos vine in it.
Empty black salon chair in bay window area of the salon. Black shelf with tan bins. Plants
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